Having established some general guidelines on what to expect from one type of gaming keyboard or another depending on the key mechanism, it should be noted that in action there are big differences depending on the switch. But first, some definitions that may be useful:

The actuation point is where the key press is registered, it is in the middle of the path of the spring. canalisationengorgee

The ride refers to the distance from when you start pressing the button until you reach the bottom.

The force required to operate a key is called the actuating force.

The sensation that occurs when a key is pressed is classified as linear (constant until reaching the bottom), tactile (with a small jump at the point of execution) or “clicky”, with an audible click in the middle of the button. path .

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Cherry Industrial is a benchmark in the sector and its classification as “Cherry MX” takes into account a series of colors associated with certain characteristics more or less suited to the user and the task at hand. Ultimately, however, there is an important subjective component to choosing one type of switch over another.

If you’re looking for a gaming keyboard, it’s common to go with the sensitive red switches, the super-fast MX Speed ​​- which you’ll find at Corsair – or the Brown allrounder. We insist: it depends a lot on the user’s taste and how they feel when using it.
mediaplacing Although very popular, Cherry Industrial switches are not the only ones. At the gaming level, names like Razer and Logitech stand out, two manufacturers that use other switches of similar quality to Cherry. And to make things a little more complicated when it comes to choosing a gaming keyboard, they’ve also given them a colorful name to detail their sound and feel.

Cherry MX keys are an industry standard. They come in a good variety of colors, but the most common are red, brown, and blue.

The red keys are silent and respond to a delicate touch.

The brown keys are silent, but strong.

The blue keys snap off and are durable.

Most gaming keyboards are versatile and many have additional keys for assigning macro functions, making them ideal for FPS, RTS, or MOBA. But where these keyboards are really interesting is for MMOs: the smaller ones have 6 extra keys but can go up to 18 (they are more expensive and very big).

Is it worth being enlightened? Well, the truth is that the price of the gaming keyboard goes up a lot, especially if it has RGB colors.