A wise man is sitting by a pond. It draws his attention that a dog who is broken with thirst
constantly comes to the pond and runs away just when he is drinking water. Watch the event
carefully. The dog is thirsty, but when it comes to the pond, it sees its reflection in the water
and is afraid. That’s why he runs away without drinking water. Finally, the dog, unable to bear
the thirst, throws himself into the pond and drinks the water because he does not see his own
reflection. At that moment, the wise thinker says: – This is what I learned from this, he says. –
The obstacle between a person’s wishes and their desires is often the fears he has grown inside
himself. It’s the barriers it raises within itself. If a person exceeds this, he can get what he
wants.The wise and the dog, But upon reflection, he sees that what he actually learned was


different from that. What he really learned is that there is knowledge that man can learn from
a dog, even if he is a wise man. So share what you have, there is something to be learned from
you for other people too…Every person has a story and something to say…A man and his son
were taking a walk in the forest. All of a sudden, the child trips and falls and screams

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‘AHHHHH’ in pain. Up ahead, he hears a voice saying ‘AHHHHH’ from the top of a mountain
and is surprised. He wonders and – “Who are you?” she shouts. The answer he gets is ‘Who
are you?’ Angered at his response – “You are a coward!” she shouts again. The voice from the
mountain replies, “You are a coward!” The boy turns to his father – “Dad, what is it?” –
“Son,” his father says, “Listen and learn!” and turned to the mountain and said, “I admire
you!” The answer is “I admire you!” is happening. Father shouts again,echo of life – “You are
magnificent!” The answer; “You’re gorgeous!’. The boy is very surprised, but still cannot
understand what is happening. His father explains: People call it an echo, but actually this is

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life. Life always gives you back what you give. Life is a mirror of our actions. Love more
when you want more love. When you ask for more Compassion, be more compassionate! If
you want respect, respect people more. If you want people to be patient, learn to be more
patient. This rule is a part of our life, it applies to every part of it.” Life is not a coincidence, it
is a mirror reflection of what you do. This is the story of a railroad worker named Nick. Nick
is a strong, healthy worker working on the maneuvering area. He is a reliable person who has
good relations with his friends and does his job well. However, a pessimist expects the worst

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and is afraid that something bad will happen to him. One summer day, the train workers are
released an hour before due to the foreman’s birthday. Nick, who had come for repairs and
entered a refrigerator car in the maneuvering area, accidentally closes the door from the inside
and locks himself in the refrigerator car. They think. Nick kicks at the door, shouts, but no one
hears it, and those who hear it don’t really listen because it is in an environment where such
sounds are constantly coming. Nick starts to fear that he will freeze to death here. It goes
inside the cardboard box. It manages to shiver. He wrote his last thoughts on a piece of paper

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he took to his wife and family: It’s very cold, my body began to feel numb. If only I could
sleep! These could be my last words? Be my lover, Be my miracle that gives meaning to my
life… He couldn’t stand the warmth in the eyes of the fire, he said, My heart is a gift to you…
The wrapped fire and water tightly and inseparably… Over time, water started to turn into
steam, fire and ash. The fate that was written took away the sadness in his heart and the water
went to distant lands. The fire was angry, the forests were lit by fire. He searched for water

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throughout the lands, through the days, through the nights.And at that moment he understood;
Love is sometimes leaving. I would make more mistakes. I wouldn’t try to be perfect. I would
lie on my back. I would be cheerful.As with the first, I did very few things seriously.Of course
I had happy moments but if I could start over Nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and
maybe some white chickpeas in the front eye. Right next to it, a pack of Maltepe cigarettes, an
identity card in the back eye, a soup kitchen card given by the Izmir municipality,