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In Paris, where there are many places to visit, various discount cards are offered to help travelers relieve their budgets.

Among the products with different contents such as Navigo and Paris Pass Lib, the most preferred card by visitors to the city is the Paris Pass and its sub-categories Museum Pass and Visite Pass.

The Museum Pass, which is valid in more than 50 museums operating throughout the city, has 2, 4 and 6-day options. Another feature of the museum discount card, which only excludes the Eiffel Tower, is that it eliminates the need to wait in line.

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The Visite Pass, which gives its users the right to travel free of charge on all subway, RER, suburban train, bus, OrlyBus, RoissyBus, funicular and tram lines, also provides access to popular places such as the Arc de Triomphe, Picasso Museum, Disneyland, Galeries Lafayette, Montparnasse Skyscraper at discounted prices. .

Paris Pass, which offers all the privileges of the two cards together, is offered to travelers in comprehensive packages with validity between 2 and 6 days.

All information about the discount cards I mentioned briefly in the Paris travel guide, including their prices, is available in my article titled “Paris City Discount Cards: Paris Pass and others”.
If there is a city as generous with shopping as Milan, New York and London, it is Paris. In the city where the use of credit cards is common, you can buy beautiful products by taking advantage of the VAT exemption.

Although the name of the city is associated with fashion, the products sold are not limited to clothing. You can find many products in many different categories, from musical instruments to works of art, from antiques to second-hand goods, in the shopping areas of Paris, especially personal care products and classical gifts.


When it comes to shopping street in Paris, the first place that comes to mind is Champs Elysées Street. The closest content to the iconic street, where prices are quite high, is Le Marais and Canal St. It houses shops in Martin.

You can find small souvenirs such as mugs, key chains, t-shirts and magnets in Montmartre as well as in the 1st and 4th zones. If you are interested in shopping places that offer economical prices, you can easily find what you are looking for in streets with plenty of alternatives in every category such as Rivoli, Commerce and Boulevard Haussman.

In Paris, where there are shopping centers of different styles such as Galeries Lafayette, Forum Des Halles, and Bercy Village, you can visit street markets for fresh farm products, and flea markets if you are looking for antiques and second-hand goods.

If you want to find out which areas you can shop in the city and what kind of products are sold in these areas, you can take a look at the following headings in the Paris travel guide.

Due to the fact that the French attach great importance to food, there is a developed eating and drinking culture in the country. This is evident in every area from the richness of French cuisine to the abundance of restaurant options.

In particular, I can say that the French culture to which the local people are loyal, the immigrants from all over the world, and the effort to offer suitable alternatives to millions of tourists every year have made the city an attractive location in terms of eating and drinking.

In the Paris travel guide article, I would like to inform you about your options when you visit Paris as a tourist, and on the other hand, I would like to give you information about the general eating and drinking culture of the city.

I would definitely recommend you to try the classic French restaurants, but if it is not suitable for your taste, there are enough examples of Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisines in Paris. sekurigi

While smoking is common among Parisians (compared to other European countries), smoking is prohibited in restaurants and indoor areas, with few exceptions to this rule.

Apart from restaurants and cafes, there are also Bistro options in the city, even a part of Parisian culture. Bistros, where you can buy simple meals with or without alcohol, but consume these meals in a pleasant atmosphere, or just sit down to have a drink, are also among the pleasant and affordable options for tourists.

Opening Hours: Although restaurants are usually open between 10:30 and 24:00, you can always find a meal in the city.


It is possible that restaurants and cafes are closed on Sundays, but it is not a common situation especially in the city center.

Food and Drink Culture: Food and wine occupy a very important place in the lives of Parisians from all socio-economic classes. Therefore, apart from the places where you can buy fast food type snacks, you can find the country’s rich wine varieties in almost every restaurant. malla espaldera

Parisians do not walk on the road with much food, but this is a common way of eating among tourists, so it is possible to take your sandwich, falafel or similar snacks when you need and continue on the road.