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When we see someone in komiya need of help, the first thing that comes to our mind is to help that person. At least that’s how it should be. If so, why are there still so many people in need of help? Get ready to see how you fool yourself. Humans are usually programmed to do whatever it takes to survive. This is called the survival instinct. In other words, being able to live is the most important thing for us. We do our best to protect ourselves and continue our lives. look-4

Or for others?

As we try to ensure the continuity of our own lives, we also think about the lives of others. Many of us even have certain superhero stories in our heads. We have predicted how we will react when faced with a certain event. But what if this situation does not reflect the truth and goes against our instincts? Let us explain what we are trying to convey with an example. We take a look at a bizarre murder committed in 1964: iu-bloomington

On March 13, 1964, a woman named Kitty Genovese was murdered outside her home. The woman, who parked her car a few meters back from her house, started walking towards her house, unaware of what was going to happen to her. Just then, someone named Winston Moseley followed him. Kitty Genovese was stabbed twice by Winston Moseley before she could enter her home. webb-dev As a result of the unbearable pain, the woman began to scream. Meanwhile, someone who witnessed the event said, “Leave the woman alone!” yell. When Winston heard this, he immediately fled the scene, leaving Kitty Genovese covered in blood.

You ask how a human could commit such a murderous act, right? You even ask as if things like this still don’t happen… waytowhatsnext Anyway, we’ll get to this point. If we lived in a perfect world, everything would be limited to that, but unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world. Many eyewitnesses stated that Winston drove away from the scene and returned ten minutes later. Seeing that the woman was still lying on the ground, the man stabbed the already injured woman several more times. After that, he stole her acpirateradio money and harassed her.

A neighbor of Kitty Genovese’s had called the police at the time, but it was too late for everything when the police and ambulance arrived. At the time of the murder, everyone in the 38-house neighborhood was aware that a murder had been committed, but no one took action logoarts to save the woman who needed help. In this case, don’t you think all the neighbors of the woman were partners in that murder? More importantly, why did they choose to be a spectator to everything?

To find the answer to this question, two social psychologists conducted an experiment called the Bystander Effect slipstone Experiment. Bibb Latane and John Darley experimented with a case similar to the Kitty murder we just mentioned. First, they selected subjects from among university students. The students were told to discuss among themselves about their personal problems. However, each of the students would be in a room of their own, and the conversations embermanchester would take place over microphone and loudspeaker.

Each student was given two minutes to express himself. All other participants’ microphones were muted while a student was speaking. What the subjects were not aware of was connstr that the speech they were listening to was actually pre-recorded: The subjects were divided into five groups. The difference between these groups was simple:

Persons in group 1 were listening to the audio recording of only one person. The joerg group number and the audio recording listened to were the same number. The 2nd group listened to 2 audio recordings, the 3rd group listened to 3… Finally, the 5th group listened to 5 audio recordings in total. Remember, the students were not aware that the voices were being recorded. jopspeech

A student’s epileptic attack was recorded in one of the audio recordings. At the beginning of the recording, the student was talking about suffering from epilepsy, and that seizures can be deadly. In the continuation of the recording, the wearelondonmade crisis began: “B-be-en… kk-kk-riz… help… n-what-wh-I can’t breathe… someone help me… d-die-dies…” It was a fictional situation as the subjects could not see the person they were talking to. There was no way they could understand. What the researchers would observe here was the responses of the subjects. compilatori


VPN Types

When we separate VPNs according to their structures, we can divide them into hardware-based solutions and software-based solutions. VPN solutions are installed on your computer or mobile device as a specialized network driver. In general, various VPN protocols are also embedded on operating systems. All you have to do is enter your VPN provider’s settings and connect to the VPN. red bet tips
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VPN support is also provided on Berqnet or similar types of firewall devices. At this point, a virtual network adapter is created and all your traffic is transferred over the VPN. You can access the internet and browse through the VPN server you are connected to. By its nature, when you connect with a VPN, your current IP address is hidden and you access the Internet through the IP address of the VPN server.

Basically, the VPN connection is designed so that you can log out to the internet through the computer that functions as a VPN server, while ensuring confidentiality with encryption of your data up to the opposite computer.



Having established some general guidelines on what to expect from one type of gaming keyboard or another depending on the key mechanism, it should be noted that in action there are big differences depending on the switch. But first, some definitions that may be useful:

The actuation point is where the key press is registered, it is in the middle of the path of the spring. canalisationengorgee

The ride refers to the distance from when you start pressing the button until you reach the bottom.

The force required to operate a key is called the actuating force.

The sensation that occurs when a key is pressed is classified as linear (constant until reaching the bottom), tactile (with a small jump at the point of execution) or “clicky”, with an audible click in the middle of the button. path .

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Cherry Industrial is a benchmark in the sector and its classification as “Cherry MX” takes into account a series of colors associated with certain characteristics more or less suited to the user and the task at hand. Ultimately, however, there is an important subjective component to choosing one type of switch over another.

If you’re looking for a gaming keyboard, it’s common to go with the sensitive red switches, the super-fast MX Speed ​​- which you’ll find at Corsair – or the Brown allrounder. We insist: it depends a lot on the user’s taste and how they feel when using it.
mediaplacing Although very popular, Cherry Industrial switches are not the only ones. At the gaming level, names like Razer and Logitech stand out, two manufacturers that use other switches of similar quality to Cherry. And to make things a little more complicated when it comes to choosing a gaming keyboard, they’ve also given them a colorful name to detail their sound and feel.

Cherry MX keys are an industry standard. They come in a good variety of colors, but the most common are red, brown, and blue.

The red keys are silent and respond to a delicate touch.

The brown keys are silent, but strong.

The blue keys snap off and are durable.

Most gaming keyboards are versatile and many have additional keys for assigning macro functions, making them ideal for FPS, RTS, or MOBA. But where these keyboards are really interesting is for MMOs: the smaller ones have 6 extra keys but can go up to 18 (they are more expensive and very big).

Is it worth being enlightened? Well, the truth is that the price of the gaming keyboard goes up a lot, especially if it has RGB colors.


SSL certificate

Due to improving technological products, safety had been problem as well. SSL Certificate is a type of certificate that every institution and person with a website should use today. Thanks to SSL certificates, institutions and companies with internet and e-commerce sites can protect the personal data of the people who visit their sites, as well as protect the credit card information of customers who shop on e-commerce sites with their credit cards.


In this article called What is SSL Certificate and What It Does, we will share a lot of information about SSL Certificates. You can get more information about SSL Certificates by reading this article and increase your customer security by obtaining these certificates for your e-commerce site.

What is SSL Certificate?

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SSL Certificate, which is the abbreviation of the term Secure Socekts Layer, is a type of certificate used to protect the information shared with your company in the form of membership by people who are members of your e-commerce or website.

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In addition, it increases the security of your e-commerce site by protecting the credit card information of people who shop with a credit card from your e-commerce site. You also can find the best SSL services here.